FLEC Test-plate for Paint & Coatings (5 pcs)

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The FLEC Test Plate for Paint and Coatings is designed for applications of test materials onto a defined surface area with a defined coating thickness and with the possibility to check the weight.
The application thickness is defined by the thickness of a foil laminated on an aluminium plate.
The application surface area is defined by the area of a circular hole in the foil. By applying about 2 ml of the test material to the hole on the plate and distribute it by use of the Application Roller a defined application thickness is attaint. By removing the foil the defined application area is attaint.
The possibility to check the weight of the test material is coursed by the comparatively small weight of the Test Plate and the defined surface area of the test material.

Use the FL-0160-FLEC Application Roller to prepare the sample.