The FLEC Sub Unit FL-2002 is made in order to get emission samples from not planar or porous surfaces using the FLEC Cell. It provides sampling only from the upper surface using the dynamic headspace method or using the static head space method like from a chamber.
But in this case, volume of the chamber may be changed to save time and increase sensitivity and to get the emission from the total surfaces to be sampled.

Diameter of the chamber for model FL-2001 is 150 mm. The high may be variated from 0-to 100 mm only by led the unit stand on its 3 legs and turn the rest left or right to make the bottom of the chamber move up or down. The only different of FL-2001 and FL-2002 I that Model FL-2202 have a diameter of 152 mm. That makes it possible to get samples from liquid or sticky materials placed in a standard petri dich.

The legs of the units are easy removed so the units may be placed on a heating plate or placed in an oven. All surfaces internal the chamber are made of polished alumina – Polished acid proved stainless steel (FLEC Cell) and a sealing ring made of Viton covered by PFA. That make no chemical reaction or emissions even by 200°C.