FL-0100 FLEC Test Kit for Recovery Measurements

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By knowing the evaporation (emission) rate for a single compound by equal conditions as for your test material (air velocity, humidity, temperature and pressure) you are able to make recovery measurements.
The FLEC Test Kit for Recovery Measurements consists of a glass plate with a cut hole in the centre adapted for a small vial, and an insolating pad.
Add the desired VOC to the vial and weigh in. Place the glass plate with the vial on the insolating pad, and place the FLEC Cell with the desired input flow on top. Note the time. After some hours, according to the evaporating rate of the compound, weigh out and calculate the evaporation rate. Knowing the evaporation rate you can take a sample by a defined time and flow rate and calculate the weight of the compound absorbed on the sample tube(s).