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The FLEC® has been validated and used in research for many years.

Below is a publication list of journal articles, abstracts, poster or oral presentations where the FLEC or CHEMATEC’s other products have been in focus.

If you have anything that can be added to the list, we encourage you to contact CHEMATEC.

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Järnström, H; Saarela, K; Kalliokoski, P; Pasanen, A -L

Comparison of VOC and ammonia emissions from individual PVC materials, adhesives and from complete structures Journal Article

Environment International, 34 (3), pp. 420 - 427, 2008, ISSN: 0160-4120, (Proceedings of the 1st Conference of the UK Network on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) 29th and 30th March 2006, University of Birmingham, UK).

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Adhesive, Material emission, PVC, VOC


Järnström, H; Saarela, K; Kalliokoski, P; Pasanen, A -L

Reference values for structure emissions measured on site in new residential buildings in Finland Journal Article

Atmospheric Environment, 41 (11), pp. 2290 - 2302, 2007, ISSN: 1352-2310.

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